50% 16.27 3.38 55 5861 422 81/27 Generally speaking, from 180 mm to 250 mm is most popular frames, more bigger one is from 280 mm to 800 mm even more. A couple things, a 2600kv motor isn't the best for LR, but not the end of the world. 50% 12.21 2.21 27 4552 255 69/21 Only 3 left in stock - order soon. If you want a smooth lightweight motor that packs a punch, then this is the motor for you. My brother is looking for a drone, so he’ll have to choose one that is big enough for the propellers. Counterclockwise vs clockwise propnuts for multi rotors make no difference. I agree with Kaity, 23XX is as small as I think you should go. (24-Dec-2019, 03:18 PM) kaitylynn Wrote: A 2306-1900kv motor should be a good choice, but 23xx is the smallest motor I would opt for as turning a 7" prop is a lot of work and smaller motors have to work too hard. Propellers 8045 The size of the frame will define the size of propeller and motor you can use with it. 75% 16.08 7.63 123 7812 757 81/27 We went looking for some info on DJI’s FPV goggles. I’m pretty sure my motors are cheap clones cuz there is no brand on the motor or the sellers description. A good pnunomic to remember is Wept- the guys that didn’t choose the correct motor for their quad build wept because they cooked their batteries. to think about KV, let’s think about the basics…. Motor efficiency can effect flight times, voltage sag, and battery life. 100% 11.95 10.07 120 7877 1034 77/25 Installing an esc with a higher amp rating would be similar to installing a fatter wire to the motor,it could handle more current, at the expense of added weight. Most of the long range guys with 7" blades go with a 25XX motor. why choose a taller stator over a wider stator for big props? I find it more feasible to prove it by making a functional prototype instead. The large motor will most likely turn out to be more powerful than the small one. 100% 15.88 13.58 216 9596 1034 125/52. Without the chart, you will really be shooting in the dark. In our testing and experience, however, we have found that it is not necessary to use motors with different thread directions on racing drones and quadcopters. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) A Series Dynamical Modular. I like how you say that you need to consider your frame type when you are choosing a drone. I would appreciate your help in selecting the right kind of motor, controller and battery for the following. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) Prop size ect nice, can you night-fly with the new cam? Motor size The size is expressed by four numbers, the first two detailing the stator diameter and the second two relating to the stator height. It is common to see that number double to 8:1 or more in racing quads. Which motor and blades to buy? Your prop size will be determined by your frame. The most significant indicator of torque is stator size, so in some ways this factor is a spectrum between response times and motor weight. How to choose the right size motors & ESCs for your Drone, quadcopter, or Multirotor build. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) After complete the same calculus in this tutorial…the flight time is 13 minutes and I think that is very short according with the frame and propellers size. My 6 inch Rooter has 2600 motors and I can get around 3 miles out with it, with 5 inch blades. lets look at the zmx fusion 2206-2300kv blue top motor for comparison. The main work of any motor would be to rotate the modified and heavier blades which weigh 5 g/cm within the 20 cm length for a total of 300 g for 3 blades plus 3 of 75 g each of the wheels at the outer end of each blade for 225 g for 3 blades, for a total of 525 g per propeller and 1050 g for the 2 propellers. We here at QQ have found the following to be a good starting guide for sizing stators to propeller size: Selecting the right motor comes down to weight, power, efficiency and torque and the importance of each of these are ultimately determined by your flying style and what you are trying to accomplish with your multi-rotor build. 25% 16.38 1.19 20 4260 139 72/22 someone has asked me to built a drone having payload of 3kg and endurance in the air is15 minute . I'm actually using the RR hypetrain drib motors. Can you cook your cheap motors with high amp esc’s? Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) last, but not least, use the data that you find to make sure that you choose an ESC that can handle the current demand that your motor/prop combination will be requiring at WOT. You can use the thrust data in tandem with the Amps data to find the best efficiency for your setup. Tattu 2305 2450KV motors are mainly suitable for 180-250mm quadcopter frame, the compatible propeller sizes are 5040 / 5045 two-blade or three-blade propeller, they made for FPV … Torque can effect the time it takes the propeller to reach a desired speed. 25% 12.25 0.90 11 3023 104 68/20 Ideally, you want to try to engineer your quad to efficiently fly, but also generate enough thrust without completely destroying your battery. 25% 16.43 1.24 20 4027 135 82/28 On the other hand, establishing such formulas for so many movements as basis for computer simulation is not an easy task. You will need less thrust/motor if you have more motors, but it all comes down to motor/prop thrust values vs. overall weight of your Hex. I assume it means “wide open throttle”. Advances in mulitoror motor technology such as N52 magnets, curved magnets, tighter clearances, and .15mm stator laminations are allowing smaller motors to generate more and more torque, and is one reason that we have seen a shift in racing drone performance in the last few years. Propellers also slide against a flat horizontal plane to prevent propellers from bending. Find the motor testing data, and let that guide you through the engineering process. 100% 15.93 12.12 193 10394 898 79/26 Choose your stator size. A general rule of thumb is to classify your motors first by stator size and then lastly by KV after other factors have been considered. Propellers. Under the point “Weight” you wrote: Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: FunToBuyOnline 8045 (white plastic, MR style blade) Had we used a motor that draws more than 30A, we would have had to redesign our ESCs, battery recommendations, and possibly the overall design. Your frame type will determine many factors about your drone, such as what size props you can run, and what size motor you can mount. 100% 12.16 4.46 54 9674 323 70/21 So that motor power can be calculated. The F6 is based on the modern-classic Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo sports sedan.The F6 engine is based on XR6T motor, a turbocharged intercooled DOHC 4.0L Inline Six with VCT, but includes: a modified FPV airbox (with … My project does not involve any flying. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) 75% 12.16 5.26 64 6339 502 75/24 75% 16.27 3.57 58 9701 318 69/21 Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) Motor Stator Size. I am hoping that I might get some expert’s opinion from those using this site. A lighter motor is going to have a faster spin-up & slow down, and will yield a faster change in speed. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) Best motor for fpv racing, strong and powerful motor. 50% 16.34 2.97 49 6162 357 78/26 I will probably put 2206 and 2305 in the same category due to the similar stator volume. 75% 16.16 7.07 114 8175 705 83/28 By the way, at the point “Torque & it’s relationship to kv” you wrote that kv is the inverse of kt. 25% 12.34 0.60 10 4424 49 70/21 75% 16.14 7.12 115 8139 652 85/29 98. What is of the highest priority is that the 2 motors are identical but turn the 2 propellers accurately in opposite directions as synchronized mirror images, at various speeds. Both motors will work, the 2206 are an amazing motor, and so are the 2205s,  partially due to the strong magnets. When a magnet is pulled over a copper wire, electricity is created in the form of voltage. 75% 16.16 6.45 104 8541 570 72/22 Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: iFlight iCF 9443 Carbon fiber DJI Hub Self Locking Maybe you like the look of the ZMX Fusion Purple top 2205-2300kv motors. Using the same prop, the 2206 motor takes a lot more current at WOT because of the larger stator. Current, torque and Kv are all related, Lower Kv motors require less current to spin heavy props and therefore have more torque, but loose efficiency at high rpm-Vice-versa, High Kv motors require higher currents to spin heavy props, but can run at high rpm more efficiently. Could you please tell me how can improve the flight time?, I don’t know if I can use propellers 9040 or even is this will improve the drone. So what can we learn from this? 75% 16.21 6.18 100 8537 636 84/29 Replaces motor mount cross and brings motor further back. “A lighter motor will most likely feel more precise in the air, and pids might be easier to tune.”, And than under the point “Torque” you wrote: “So a motor with higher torque will be easier to tune, and will make the quad feel more precise in the air. To find your ultimate prop/motor combo: A general rule of thumb is to classify your motors first by stator size and … The dimensions of the motor must work to produce maximum output just before the prop tips go supersonic. The Pro IV provides more thrust, 9% less weight, and increased durabili... View full details If we are knowing ESC current rating then how to find the motor current rating for quadrotor. Google “2212-kv920 thrust test” I get, From https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2266912-DJI-E300-(2212-920KV)-Motor-Prop-Testing, Motor: DJI E300 (2212/920Kv) – Page 1 of 4, Prop: iFlight iCF 8055 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub (TE Style blade) QQ190 Tank V3 Racing Drone Frame Set includes camera. 25% 16.36 1.17 19 3744 161 80/27 Throttle Expo...I had to adjust mine so that I had some smoother throttle response across the sticks travel as the 7" can be a bit "torquey". You need to find a chart of a given motor’s Volts/rpm/Watts to make proper decisions about whether or not a motor is a good choice for your mulitrotor build. Propellers are not used for flying but used to enable rollers mass as means of generating rotational momentum. 25% 12.37 0.93 12 3067 106 77/25 25% 12.33 0.94 12 3508 73 70/21 The dimensions are 184×122×110 mm. How we can select the component to make quadracopter . :(. The wheels role against a vertical closed rail guard when rotating. Drone Arm Set -Standard -X-Agricultural -Coaxial; ALPHA Optimal Pack. When a motor is supplied with a voltage, it spins. Really appreciate the advice. The motor/prop combo will determine what ESC and battery ratings are required. I made a mistake though in the motor selection. 100% 12.01 7.88 95 8512 631 94/34 50% 16.27 3.32 54 5828 411 79/26 ESC 30Amp Readytosky (100g) A small motor and a big motor can have the same Kv constant. By using this combination, a 1300 75C battery which can handle 97.5A is perfect for this quad. Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: FunToBuyOnline 8045 (white plastic, MR style blade) Comment: 85% throttle (770g) OK for continuous use, 100% throttle OK for 5 second bursts, Prop: iFlight iCF 9443 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub 8mm Hole Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. Although, beyond the scope of this post, I will only point out that the popularity of the 5x4x3 has to do with the fact that it is a very well balanced prop in terms of thrust, rpm and speed. Many thanks. 75% 12.19 4.16 51 6752 346 69/21 So there is no way to use Kv to tell you how powerful your motor is. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) Combo Pack. So a 450 quad has 450mm between motors… There are some suggestions about quadcopter frame size related to Lipo as below, maybe useful for you, click the original article link to know … Choosing Motor Sizes. Required fields are marked *. Expect short flight times. 75% 12.15 4.80 58 6481 419 76/24 I really appreciate the advice. Let me know if that answers your questions. 75% 16.10 7.46 120 7790 766 80/27 Frame Size: Prop Size: Motor Size: KV: 150mm or smaller: 3″ or smaller: 1306 or smaller: 3000KV or higher: 180mm: 4″ 1806: 2600KV: 210mm: 5″ 2204-2206: 2300KV-2600KV: 250mm: 6″ 2204-2208: 2000KV-2300KV: 350mm: 7″ 2208: 1600KV: 450mm: 8″, 9″, 10″ 2212 or larger: 1000KV or lower If i want to use 10000 kv moter then which esc i should purchase and which battery. Props can greatly effect performance of your drone, and some props are much better suited to specific builds than others. 50% 16.36 2.72 45 6270 333 80/27 Each of the blades will be connected to a small roller wheels. 100% 15.81 13.75 217 9252 1171 125/52 Robot Dynamics. The highest performing quads have the best power to weight ratios. It would be good to consider if the fans will fit on your frame as well. Did i missunderstood something or is this kind of contradictory? Some pilots run the thinnest motor wire they can to minimise weight. If you haven't bought the batts yet, and don't want up to 2200 size, maybe try 1800mah. Also the KV of a motor plays an important role in the selection of the motor. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) Your email address will not be published. The stock receiver with stock antenna will begin to sell end of February 2018. 25% 16.43 1.20 20 4202 139 78/26 There are several types of motors available and several Stator/KV combinations available. 4S (16.4V) I need motor witch can handle all kind of propellers at high speed (min propeller size – 3 inches and max propeller size – 9 inches). I've been getting into some long range (technically really short long range atm) and trying to figure out a good balance between prop size for 7 inch and motor sizes. Remember, A good pnunomic to remember is Wept- the guys that followed the hype train and didn’t properly engineer their quads wept because they cooked their batteries. Let’s say that we think we want to use the ZMX 2205-2300. Flight Controllers. An often overlooked and very important thing to consider when choosing motors is torque. Once this priority has been made, finding your perfect motor should be easy. For the purposes of this post, we will try to use 5x4x3 because we are theoretically building a freestyle flyer. Kv is typically thought of as RPM per volt. 3S (12.3V) This props is perfect for freestyle flying, but isn’t quite the fastest prop out there, and a steep pitched, 5×4.5 bullnose prop allowed us to reach higher top speeds than the 5x4x3. Some motors are labeled as CW, and CCW. 4S (16.4V) So why not use a motor that is cheaper, easier to produce, and easier to find replacement parts (CW motor) on all of you quads, instead of using CCW motors which complicate things? Freestyle acro flyer? 4S (16.4V) The Special Edition includes the TBS Immortal-T antenna! I am making a quad-copter having a weight of 15 kg and want to fly it for about 10 kms. kV Rating. For the 2011 Melbourne motor show, FPV displayed the "FLPV concept" (commonly known as the "Black Edition"), based on the just released supercharged 335 kW (449 hp) GT series. A good rule of thumb for a quadcopter is to aim for a 4:1 power to weight ratio. More battery is more flight time. Power distribution board Blusky with XT60 (10g) 100% 16.14 6.76 109 12187 541 71/22 The ZMR 250, back when it came out, was a class called “miniquad” - with the larger 450 size crafts being just “quadcopters” Frame Size numbers, by the way, mean how much diagonal distance there is from one motor to the other. An all-out drag racer is going to have a different ideal motor than a freestyle quad. Thank you guys! In the end, you will want to make sure that you have enough thrust to fly well. R Series Outrunning Torque Motor. This is more than double the power needed for acrobatic flight and can make for a truly awesome flying experience. ZMX Fusion X20 2300kv Motor Test and Review - Quad Questions, https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2266912-DJI-E300-(2212-920KV)-Motor-Prop-Testing. So let’s use them as an example. 50% 12.27 1.93 24 4959 192 72/22 What it really comes down to is personal preference. 75% 12.18 4.14 50 6741 394 76/24 A lighter quad with motors that have less thrust can feel just as good in the air as a heavy quad that has motors that output max thrust. it seems geared towards quads and i see references to racing but how do i pick a motor that will pick up a small payload (camera and or sensors) and get decent flight times? 50% 12.32 1.55 19 6244 124 68/20 A higher KV motor can tend to be more efficient in the high rpm ranges, but at the expense of torque. 50% 12.27 1.92 24 4967 176 70/21 Are you building a racing drone? You also want to build your quad for your flying style. Then under "Recommended Components" it has "Motor Size 2306/2450kv". 4S (16.4V) $31.98 $ 31. Manned Aircraft. can you help me do deside witch motor should I use? 25% 16.38 1.05 17 5639 94 70/21 Or are you building something to haul a camera and get the best flight time possible? Since this post is in a long range section, I'm guessing you will be going out some distance. ESC. When I realized that 2207-2400kv motors were wholly wrong for what I was after, I shifted to 2305-1900kv motors and found a sort of happy place...though far from perfect. 75% 12.27 2.37 29 7536 196 68/20 FPV Cycle changed the game with this truly unique 2203 sized motor. Flight Controller Soldering Service for Naze32 or Other Boards, Taranis X9D Plus Model & Settings Files, Voice pack, and Support, Sparrow Knight R220-FPV Racing Drone Frame, Colibri Race Powercube Flight Controller replacement. Looking at the data, we can see that this motor with the HQ5x4x3 averages 1151g, pulls 25.48A, and has an efficiency factor of 3.1. For example, the power to weight ratio of the QQ190RTF can be calculated by taking the max thrust of the QQ 2205 2450 kv motors with HQ5x4x3 props ( 4241.56g ) and divide by the total weight of the quad with Tattu 4S 1300 mAh 75C battery. Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: iFlight iCF 1038 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub 8mm Hole (TE Style blade) T-Motor F60 Pro II/Pro III 2500kv KV: 2425kv - Weight: 33.2g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 7mm The 2500Kv offerings of the Pro II and Pro III F60 series from T-Motor. Agility: 5045 & 5045 bullnose or 5" triblades, with a mid-large high kv motor and a small 1300-1500mah high C lipo. What Kv does do is  help us to understand the current requirements of a motor to produce a certain amount of torque… because Kv is directly related to the torque constant. If you still have questions, please post them at ask.quadquestions.com so that we can help you choose the best motor for your next multi-rotor build. Two complaints, you use “WOT” without defining it. Frame size also limits the prop size and each prop requires a different motor to spin it and generate the thrust efficiently. The result is a whopping 9:1 power to weight ratio. Ok, same prop, generates 1308g of thrust, but it draws 30.44A. Without going into too much detail, all that you really need to know is that the torque constant Kt is the inverse of Kv. 50% 16.32 2.83 46 6271 297 72/22 „Clearly if you baby the quad it will be fine“ like krohsis wrote; limit the motor_output of the 2600kv motors, scale to less kv would prevent befor waisting energy, high ampdraw... next to the throttle expo kaity wrote. QQ190 Tank V3 Racing Drone Frame Kit Set includes motors, plastics, and camera. If we look at the same graph, but at 50% throttle, we see that the efficiency goes way up. 3S (12.3V) How to calculate the motor current if battery current is known. The motor torque is proportional to the size of the stator, but the larger the stator, the heavier the motor. Hi, did you get an answer to your message. Frame Size: Prop Size: Motor Size: Motor KV: Lipo battery: 120 mm or smaller: 3 inch: 1104 – 1105: 4000KV+ 80-800mAh 1s/2s: 150 mm – 160 mm: 3-4 inch: 1306 – 1407: 3000KV+ 600-900mAh 2s/3s: 180 mm: 4 inch: 1806 – 2204: 2600KV+ 1000-1300mAh 3s/4s: 210 mm: 5 inch: 2204 – 2206: 2300KV-2700KV: 1000-1300mAh 3s/4s: 250 mm: 6 inch: 2204 – 2208: 2000KV-2300KV TBS Graphene FPV Drone Battery 1500 mAh 4S 14.8V. Thank you very much! The Kv rating of a motor. This motor … I am selecting my components and it’s my first quadcopter. I have builded test stand for my project at university. 3S (12.3V) Your email address will not be published. The F40 Pro IV continues the lineage of great FPV racing motors by T-Motor. After some research I have the following components: Frame 330mm: (160g) 15mm Extended Prop Shaft allows virtually any prop with 5mm hole. The size of the motor can give you an idea about what size drone you will use with the motor. do you have to use 4 exact same motors on a quad copter or can i I put my typhoon h motors and my chroma motors together on to the chroma ecmboard?shorten up the wingspan s and use the typhoon h blades on both motors .? Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: DJI 9443 Self Locking prop (plastic blades) If kv goes up, kt goes down.” Stator size effects the torque output, and larger stators tend to produce more torque, whereas smaller stators produce less. Champion Co-brand. I found myself flying only the bottom 1/3rd of the stick almost exclusively, so I added some negative curve. 100% 15.97 11.55 185 10460 994 123/51 Fits for motors with 16x19 spacing (like 220X and 230X), 16x16 spacings (Like AriB 2514) and 19x19 spacings. So a larger diameter motor for more torque/lower rpm to throw bigger props, and a longer more narrow motor for smaller higher rpm props, but both motors the same weight reaching the same total output in watts before becoming saturated. Highest Grade N52 Neodymium magnets. For an all out, high budget drag racer that is at WOT all of the time,  efficiency might have less of an impact on your decision, whereas if you are trying to build a freestyle flyer that gets great flight time, can use cheaper batteries and lower cost escs, efficiency will have more of an impact for you. The efficiency of this motor is also a little less than the purple top 2205 2300 KV. 4S (16.4V) It is one of the smoothest flyers I have now. 50% 12.36 2.05 25 4892 210 72/22 If you are doing more straight line racing, a heavier motor might be better, however, if you are doing a lot of acrobatics & aerial stunts, go for a lighter motor. There is a lot of hype that is influencing people to build quads using strange component combinations, and the best quad is one that uses components that are well engineered to work together. 75% 12.25 4.65 57 6661 428 74/23 First of all many thanks to you for such a great blog. i need help in determining the maximum weight a drone can carry lift it’s RPM/V; I’ll be constructing a drone that has a robotic arm. Many people think that the ESC and battery ratings mean that the motor needs to handle the same current ratings, but this is wrong. G46 Brushless Motor for 40 Class Balsa Airplane The largest FPV & Radio Control Airplane Super Store in the State of Georgia G46 Brushless Motor for 40 Class Balsa Airplane Hobby Shop JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The 2206 would be a better choice for pushing heavy props, but battery performance would be put to the test. By determining the frame size we can define how large of a motor we should use. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) Im a bit confused about the Torque thing. This is where things get a little bit complicated. My goal is to generate a high level of rotational momentum, and convert that into linear propulsion, neutralize majority and end up with some measurable net linear propulsion, no matter how small the net propulsion is. Required rpm values range from 50 to 300 (or 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 and 300) which do not need to be achieved quickly. 3S (12.3V) (This post was last modified: 30-Dec-2019, 10:28 PM by, https://brotherhobby.com/avenger-2810-mo...172p1.html, https://brotherhobby.com/avenger-28065-m...132p1.html, Katana-LR4 (Long Range 4 inch) My 4th Build. 1 man, 105 kgs ready to fly. i want to carry a weight of about 2 to 3 kg so what frame size,motor,esc and battery shall i use ,i also want a flight time of min 20 min. This is important not only to keep our special 2-in-1 ESCs happy, but also to protect the battery. 100% 12.01 8.06 97 8503 553 71/22 Eyeballing it, we’d add about an inch on either side for the motors, giving us a distance between motors of maybe 9″ and change.