Talk by Falk Lieder, Max Planck Research Group Leader of Rationality Enhancement. These goals, however, cannot be accomplished if the software is not properly tested. The Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering at Graz University of Technology invites applications for the position of a University Professor of Computational Behavioral and Social Sciences under a full-time permanent contract according to Section 98 of the Austrian University Act (§98 UG) to be filled by October 1, 2020. Talk by Dr. Yifan Evan Peng (Stanford University). Graz University of Technology actively promotes diversity and equal opportunities. Auch in der Technik hat sich viel getan, vergleicht man etwa die Effizienz heutiger Autos mit denen von damals. 04 November 2019 | 11:00 | SR BMT01046, Stremayrgasse 16, 8010 Graz. Professor Biomedical Imaging . Please register via mail until 28 May 2019. Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization Submission system for courses (EEGS, GDI, SVU, OOP2, CAGD, ...) Projects from before WS2020 are being made available at for a transition period. It’s your invitation to make a pro-level autonomous model car. 12 March 2020 | 11:00 a.m. | CGV Seminar Room, Inffeldgasse 16c, 2nd floor. This school targets graduate students interested in security and correctness aspects of computing devices. Over more than 200 years of innovative development, Graz University of Technology has built up a technology with tradition and a climate for rapid growth in research and studies. Talk by Univ.-Prof. Oliver Bimber (JKU Linz). 18th public discussion in the series LogicLounge, part of the 32nd CAV 2020. You will get information on what topics are opened, what funding instruments (“project types”) will be used and what underlying EU policies are to be taken into account when compiling a project proposal. As a result, we must develop more efficient and affordable methods and technologies for biomedical applications. Details and updates. Students are encouraged to present their current research topics in a special PhD Forum. The first discussion round is all about the GDPR. 06 - 08 September 2019 | HSi7, Inffeldgasse 25d, 8010 Graz, Game Dev Days Graz is a community event for everyone who is interested in game development: connecting industry, indies, academia, research. Thank you for your understanding. Graz University of Technology actively promotes diversity and equal opportunities. Was läuft hier eigentlich falsch? Two of these are in the center of Graz, while the third is to the southeast of the city. In addition, the students are accompanied in mentoring sessions and can conclude the time with a certificate. Nextcloud Hub is the first completely integrated on-premises content collaboration platform on the market, ready for a new generation of users who expect seamless online collaboration capabilities out of the box. Graz Architecture Lectures. 17 May 2019 | 10:00 | IFEG042, Inffeldgasse 16a, Talk by Tibor Jager (Paderborn University), 17 May 2019 | 9:15 - 16:30 | HS i9, Inffeldgasse 13/EG, The Graz Open Science Initiative (GOSI), a grassroots initiative founded by researchers from Graz-based institutions is pleased to announce its first workshop to bring together students, early-career researchers and established academics to consider what reproducibility means in the context of their own research, and how reproducibility can best be achieved. Educational Technology. Colloquium of the Field of Expertise "Information, Communication & Computing" by Prof. Christian Poellabauer (University of Notre Dame, US and currently Fulbright Visiting Professor at TU Graz). 12 December 2019 | 11:00 | BMT01046, Stremayrgasse 16. 19 October 2020, 13:00 - 18:30, TUbe Stream 13:00 Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Eduardo Veas 14:15 Award Ceremony for the Silver Diplomas of Telematics Meet us on 13 Nov @ Inffeldgasse – food and beverages provided! Christian Knoll Senior Researcher GRIPS at the TU Graz Welcome Days - come visit us at Inffeldgasse 12 (ground floor) to … Game Dev legend Patrice Désilets - creator of Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and CEO of Panache Digital - will give a talk at TU Graz. Talk by Karol Myszkowski (MPI Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany), hosted by ICG. We are pleased to invite you to the trial lecture in the habilitation procedure of Dr. Simos. It’s small. 16 October, 11:00-13:00, Alte Technik | 17 October, 10:00-12:30, Inffeldgasse | 23 October, 10:00-13:00, Neue Technik, Information and advice on international stays for TU Graz students (internships, master theses, study stays, summer programs), 15 Oktober 2019 | 17:00 | Aula Alte Technik, Rechbauerstraße 12/I, 8010 Graz, 11 Oktober 2019 | 15:30 | HS FSI 1, Inffeldgasse 11. It took TU Graz researchers two years to develop the system which is expected to be installed on and in pedestrian lights in Vienna by the end of 2020. FFG experts will give you a quick overview on all topis of these calls. 16 December 2019 | 17:00 | HS P1, Petersgasse 16, Nobel Laureate Prof. Stefan Hell: "Optical microscopy: the resolution revolution". The first Dynatrace Scholarship worth 12.000€ was awarded to Computer Science student Anton Klinger. Enjoy your Holidays and see you in 2021! Sign-up is free but places are limited! 2019. Hosted by BIOMECH. Forschungsschwerpunkte Wissensrepräsentation und -verarbeitung, Kombinatorische Suche und Optimierung, Deklaratives Problemlösen, Constraints und Präferenzen, Common-sense Reasoning, Planen und Scheduling Kleines Buffet im Anschluss. 16 - 20 September 2019 | Institute for Neural Engineering, TU Graz. 16 - 20 September 2019 | Research Center "Dependable Internet of Things", TU Graz. Center for Biomedical Engineering - Graz University of Technology Petersgasse 14, 8010 Graz, Austria Tel +43-316-873-5332 Fax +43-316-873-5340 Email Visitors since 28 Mar 2006 We present ideas for master's or bachelor's theses and seminar and master's projects in the winter semester in a compact and non-binding way - partly also paid in the context of projects - first come, first serve! A presentation of course content, goals of and inscription to the new elective course catalogues for Software Engineering and Management Master's students. 11 March 2020 | 13:00 | ICG Seminar Room, Inffeldgasse 16, 2nd floor. And it runs real-world autonomous car software. Be it the more or less successful smart behavior of our mobile phone, autonomous trains connecting airport terminals, recommender systems drawing our attention to products we might need, or autonomous rovers exploring outer space or hazard sites. Was läuft hier eigentlich falsch? #gddg19, 19 August 2019, 15:00 - 16:30 | IFEG042, Inffeldgasse 16a, 8010 Graz. Hosted by IST. Event for Bachelor, Master and PhD students working on AVL projects or projects with AVL involvement. It is hosted by the research center “Dependable Internet of Things“, located at Graz University of Technology. Prize money of € 5000 will be divided between the best solutions! Talk by Prof. Michael Tangermann (University of Freiburg). THIS IS NXP CUP. 14 January 2020 | 15:30 | BMT03094, Stremayrgasse 16, 3rd floor. During the five-day school, participants will gain awareness of these security challenges in the context of IoT. 3-2-1---GO! CSBME Faculty Day 2020. Erik Leitinger Senior Researcher. 29 September 2020, 9:30 - 11:30 am, HS II (Campus Alte Technik). Talk by Daniel Seebacher (University of Konstanz). 23 April 2019 | 11:00 | Franz Leberl Seminar Room, Inffeldgasse 16/II, CS Talk #3 by Kristina Lerman (USC University of Southern California), 25. For over 200 years, it has been an important international center for research and teaching. Our discord server is now open! Sections of this page ... indicating the metric 7050/20/016 to 30.04.2020 to Viel Zeit ist verstrichen. A position as a University Assistant for 4 years, fully employed (40 hours/week); expected commencement of employment: June 1, 2020, at the Institute of Biomechanics, Graz University of Technology, Austria.. You can also reach us via phone, e-mail and Discord! Habilitation Probevortrag: Oliver Cooley. Hosted by CGV. Viel Zeit ist verstrichen. Pizza and drinks afterwards, as well as live demos of research projects. Talk by Stefan Thurner (Meduni Wien) and presentation of the winners of the Competitive Projects for Route 63. Hosted by IST. Forum Neue Medien in der Lehre Austria. 04 Oktober 2019 | 09:00 | SR CGV, Inffeldgasse 16c/II, 8010 Graz, 02 Oktober 2019 | 18:00 | Inffeldgasse 16/II, 8010 Graz. Robert-Jan Smits, President of TU Eindhoven, is talking about the profound changes concerning the way science and research are performed. Graz University of Technology is the longest-established university of technology in Austria. The aim of the conference is to identify ways of safeguarding and maintaining human integrity and values in the midst of a technological development where they become less and less necessary for the technologies to work. This new format is a (virtual) "open door" for early Digital-Tech-Talents. Computer Science & Biomedical Engineering @TUGraz @tugraz_csbme 20h A digital twin of the heart should enable doctors to simulate the course of treatment and thus increase the chance of success for pacemaker patients, for example. Talk by Prof. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan). A simple introduction to the toolbox GIT, which should especially help students of the first semester, by Stefan Pranger. CS Talks #6: The Rise of AI and Robotics - How will it change the way we work and live? September. Digital Data Storage. Hosted by BIOMECH. Talk by Prof. Marco Amabili (McGill University, Canada). Die TU Graz ist nicht nur die traditionsreichste technisch-naturwissenschaftliche Forschungs- und... Jump to. Please make an appointment in advance and wear a mouth-nose-protection! At the CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019, teams from around the world will showcase their BCI technology, while competing against each other. Your opportunity to find out about exchange programmes and scholarships offered by TU Graz, including information booths and short presentations concerning various study abroad possibilities. We found that English is the … The CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 is connected with the 8th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2019. Hosted by INE. Graz University of Technology is the oldest science and technology research and educational institute in Austria. Hosted by IAIK. Offline places limited! 05 March 2020 | 16:00 | BMT03094, Stremayrgasse 16, 3rd floor. Among the biggest challenges was the small size of the traffic light’s switch box in which the hardware for a powerful local computer had to be housed. Qualification Races and Final Race in Bucharest will be in Spring 2020. Registration required: Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. Together with international colleagues, CISPA researcher Michael Schwarz and the TU Graz computer scientists Daniel Gruss and Moritz Lipp present PLATYPUS attacks: a method that allows power side-channel attacks even without physical access. All you need is basic embedded software programming and circuitry knowledge – and the willingness to learn! Talk by Dr. Heinz Riener, hosted by IAIK. Please make an appointment in advance and wear a mouth-nose-protection! Umwelt- und Klimabewusstsein haben sich in dieser Zeit durchaus geändert, zumindest in vielen europäische Ländern. 2019 | TU Graz, FSI1/2, Inffeldgasse 11. Und politisch wurde einiges verändert. Menü . 2019. Diesen Weg will der Vortrag ein Stück weit beschreiten. This information event covers basic terms and shell commands for the use of GIT. Der Aufstieg der Künstlichen Intelligenz" 13 June 2019 | 17:00 c.t. How to Develop Next Generation of Humans and Robots for a Secure, Harmonic and Prosperous Future of Europe and Japan? 21 July 2020, 17:00, online (admission free). You’ll build, program, and race a model car against other teams for fastest time and precise maneuvering. Game Dev Days. Over the past decades, we have built software to improve our efficiency, reliability, and safety in production, business, daily life, etc. Dean's Office Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering Inffeldgasse 10/II, 8010 Graz, Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. Hosted by ICG. Important notice: in case you log in on TUbe for the first time, it may take up to one hour before some of the content becomes available. Colleagues working on AI-related topics are encouraged to submit a paper! The work areas cover a wide range of topics in computer graphics e.g. - Social Media & Law, On Nonlinear Approximations and the Linear Hull Effect, UI 4.0 - Synergetic Effects between Computer Science and Games, Your Friends Are Better Than You: The Friendship Paradox and its Social Consequences, new elective course catalogues for Software Engineering and Management Master's students, CS Talk #1 - Empowering Girls and Women Worldwide to Innovate Using AI by Tara Chklovski, From Confirmation Bias to Echo Chambers - A Data Driven Approach, explore and make best use of gender and diversity in their field of expertise, get to know and apply RRI and ethical standards and useful tools for “diversity in research”, share experiences and gain innovative insights from cross-science perspectives. The ICT Work Programme 2020 comprises an impressive budget of over 1 billion Euro. Open to all students and prospective researchers. Get in contact, meet experts in the technology fields of Siemens and learn more about how it feels to work there! Talk by Albert-László Barabási. Talk by Thomas A. Henzinger, President of IST. CSBME Events. Enjoy some coffee, tea and waffles while talking about bachelor and master thesis topics. The STS Conference Graz is the joint Annual Conference of the Science, Technology and Society Unit - Graz University of Technology, the Inter-Disciplinary Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture (IFZ) and the Institute of Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS).