However, I can't seem to figure out how to add blocks of code to a DocBlock, as using 4 spaces doesn't seem to work. Single-line comments start with two forward slashes (//). //This is another way of single line comment. – ands Apr 13 '17 at 14:25 Comments can be used to explain C# code, and to make it more readable. PHP parser will search your entire code for and
 too, and whilst those tags do appear in the generated documentation, the code inside them becomes commented out with HTML comments. The doc comment (T_DOC_COMMENT) must begin with a /** - that's two asterisks, not one. @package and @category were something that PEAR used to split up code before PHP had namespaces. Similiar to the HTML comment, the multi-line PHP comment can be used to comment out large blocks of code or writing multiple line comments. How to write comments in PHP. Developer News The Best PHP Examples Comments. OP is asking how to make a basic comment feature using PHP and MySQL not because he wants to make social site but because he wants to know "how to use PHP/MySQL to let users affect webpages" so he doesn't care about spam, reCAPTCHA , relationship between the content and the comment and other problems. These comments only work within PHP tags, and will be read if placed in HTML. When PHP version 5 was released, it incorporated a built-in model to catch errors and exceptions. Single line comment. some i'd recommend: hashcash, nospamnx, typepad antispam. The doc comments are easy to read right in the code thanks to human-friendly formatting:  it. The comment will only last to the end of the line or the end of the code block. It will help you and others in the future to understand what you were trying to do with the PHP code. Any text between // and the end of the line is ignored by C# (will not be executed). This example uses a single-line comment before a line of code: For example… all these using different methods blocking spam and i use them all. PHP supports several ways of commenting: Single-line comments: Multi-line comments:   Case Sensitivity. hashcash+nospamnx block almost all spambot. # This is a single line comment. It can also be used to prevent execution when testing alternative code. View the example in the browser. According to what I can find in the PHP (5.3.2) source code, getDocComment will return the doc comment as the parser found it. and typepad antispam block most human typed spam. PHP: Single line and Multiple lines Comments. Handling errors in PHP with try catch blocks is almost the same as handling errors in other programming languages. When a PHP exception is thrown, the PHP runtime looks for a catch statement that can handle that type of exception. there're many nice antispam without using captcha. if short_open_tag = On), so HTML comment tags have no effect on PHP parser behavior & if you don't want to parse your PHP code, you have to use PHP commenting directives(/* */ or //).